Shaping Up Your Future

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped ~Tony Robbins


There are three different decisions that shape your destiny.  Keep these questions in front of you when you want to bring about changes in your life.  The first one is Your decisions about what to focus on.  What you think about you bring about. Or have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Same with what thoughts you feed your mind over and over daily, you become that kind of person, or you bring about those results because you behave in a certain way to bring about those results.  The second one is Your decisions about what things mean to you.  Meaning do you already feel defeated in what you want? You think it is to hard before you start? You have already made it harder on yourself in getting to what you want in the future.  The third is Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire.  Do you sit on the couch, on social media networks without doing the action work required for your goals to come true? It’s all well and good to have positive thoughts, affirmations or visualizations for your goals but action is where it counts. Everyday do something working towards your goal, no matter how small or how big of an effort just take one everyday! You will see results eventually.

Have you ever done sales? Look at this example from a personal experience.  I did multi-level marketing for a while, I was good at it when I put forth the effort. I was told to keep “busy work” to a minimum such as creating flyers, doing online courses in the company, emails, putting together trainings, ect. The real work was contacting people everyday, reaching out, calling people. You needed to talk, open that mouth and find people for your team or build your purchasing circle for your product.  Now if I sat on the computer and just did busy work day after day my numbers stayed the same or declined. My teams numbers and sales declined also, because you lead by example. 🙂 IF I did the opposite and actually got out there and talked to people, left catalogs out in public places, left my business cards in certain places (I got creative with this marketing strategy) my numbers in sales and people joining my team went up until it exploded with growth.  Now with new marketing strategies out there in social media outlets you can have the best of both worlds in reaching out to millions of people.  🙂 It is alright to take an hour or two out of your day (I recommend lunch hour) to do some research on-line but time yourself.  It is easy for your time to slip by doing on-line research. 🙂

Get out there and take some steps towards your goals today!


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