Fear Monkey, Do You Have One?

Have you ever been griped by a fear, you couldn’t move? Fear just consumed you, your mind and your body? Hopefully today we can take some of that fear away by looking at it in a different way.  Fear is basically the unknown when you dissect it and look at it in a different way.  It is your limiting beliefs, you’re not knowing the outcome and thinking the worst in the situation.  I have referred to this fear as your very own “fear monkey”.

At the zoo I have heard watch out for the monkeys they have their own personalities and do their own thing.  Apes and monkeys are supposed to be descendants of ours so it kind of makes sense they have their own personalities, they are taught “human behaviors” and have social status’ in their communities.  But what gets me is when my daughter told me one time “mom, don’t stand to close they will fling their poo at you.” “Excuse me”, was my response to her as I smiled.  Now we humans do not do that to one another usually but we do use our mouths to speak words that hurt or damage ourselves or others.  When we feel trapped or backed into a corner we too will come out fighting or we will just give up and not fight.  Would you like to be one of those monkeys at the zoo? Confined to a cage, people looking at you all day, talking about what you do moment by moment? Taking pictures or studying your movements? I think it would get old after a while and the very nature of us living beings is to grow in a forward direction.  We as humans put our own cage around us, an imaginary cage that keeps us stuck in our own excuses and patterns.  Often wishing someone would come open our door up and let us out.  When we have our own set of keys and can open our own door!

Our “fear monkey” is often loud in our heads, drowning out the ideas to get us to look at things differently.  Have you ever heard a monkeys cry when danger is near? We do the same thing and often our voices are just as loud.  One difference is we do it all the time in our excuses and patterns.  We can not get past the excuses and live in them day after day.  What if you could just give yourself the gift of looking at the situation a different way.  A way that you want it to play out? If you have a challenge you can not seem to get past why not sit back in a chair and relax and just imagine would it would be like if you could have it play out a different way.  If you can do that then imagine all the different ways that outcome could possibly come true.

For example, if your challenge was wanting peace in your home with a troubled relationship with your spouse or child.  You dread coming home or dread fighting again about the same things.  This is a pattern we get stuck in with multiple excuses on why it is happening usually to justify our own reactions.  So sit back in a chair and remember a happier time, or a more peaceful time.  Begin to think about all the fun things you could do together or as a family if you could just get along.  How much you now look forward to coming home everyday, how much happier you are, the fun memories you can build together.  What you are doing here is creating a different world for you to live in.  A world that is possible because you are imagining yourself in it.  If you can imagine your world filled with turmoil everyday then you can imagine the opposite.  Now that you are in that good feeling place, your fear monkey is not consuming your mind think of ways you can improve your life.  Maybe taking some “me” time to relax and meditate on these images everyday.  Maybe you can go for walks or eat a little better to boost your overall feelings inside yourself.  Maybe work more on your goals in life.  The point is when you get your mind off the problems or challenges at hand, you do not make them the focal point of every second of your day you tend to find new solutions to the challenges.  Keeping your mind on the goal of peace or happiness you change and this allows for others to react differently to you.  Your fear monkey has now quieted down.

Enjoy your Sunday. 🙂


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