Put Forth the Effort

When your efforts pay off and your goal is reached do you breathe a sigh of relief or look for the next goal to accomplish? Did you enjoy the ride of accomplishing your goal or did you just hurry through it to get to the end?

Have you picked goals that are way out there and just seem unreachable? Stop and think about this.  If you can dream it you can do it! Don’t short change yourself in thinking those limiting thoughts.  Don’t put limits upon yourself and defeat yourself before you even start.  There is no reason why you can’t try.  Even in the act of trying you can open up new experiences in life and learn new things.  Stretch yourself to new heights, soar above your fear and go for it.  You never know what could be the outcome.   You too could be one of those that achieve the impossible.  I do, I am known to make the impossible, possible.  Why? Because I believe I can, it takes a lot of effort and learning new skills but worth it.  It’s just not me making it happen, you have to trust what you can not see (faith) and have hope in the outcome.  Not let what others think of your situation bring you down or inhibit your growth as a person.

Put your big girl or boy pants on and get going on your journey.  Don’t look back just keep going forward and new doors will open up for you.  They always do!  Be thankful and enjoy it!!



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