How High Is Your Glass Ceiling?

Do you have a glass box you live in? Or a glass ceiling hanging over your head? Some describe this ceiling as your level of self-worth or what you think you deserve.  It is made of glass because you can see what you want on the other side you just can’t reach it because a clear, hard obstacle is in your way.  For some this clear, hard obstacle is a person(s), circumstance or not enough money.

Rewind to when you are a baby, have you ever watched one learning to walk?  They are naturally motivated by first sitting upright, then scoots, maybe rolls around on the floor.  My son rolled all around his sister’s room to get what he wanted to touch.  He wasn’t shown by me to roll, I don’t see me or any other adult in his world rolling around on the floor.  He naturally figured that out, then came new expanding knowledge in his brain to stand up right and finally first steps.  Like all kids he has been on the move ever since figuring out new things to do and places to go.

As an adult when we don’t know how exactly to get what we want we just stay stationary, enclosed in our glass box.  Wanting more out of life but keep letting those imaginary, hard obstacles keep us from achieving what we want.  Sometimes we hit that glass surrounding us so hard we stop.  We sometimes say “I didn’t see that coming.”

My belief has always been if I got out of that box before (example learning to walk) I can do it again.  If someone else can do what it is I want to do then I too can do it.  Despite what others think or say, I have enough confidence in myself to learn new skills without their support.  If every person well-known, like Einstein, Jordan, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, anyone well-known in your town listened to every person who put them down or tried to hold them back we wouldn’t have these great examples of people.  You don’t have to end up being famous, you need to end up in a place in your life where you are happy, enjoying life and being comfortable in your own skin.  Those moments in life that take our breath away because you are excited need to happen all the time, not just once in a while.

Expand your box of glass, heck break the glass and climb out.  The enclosed glass is only there for a false sense of security.  The security comes from within yourself, how you feel about trusting yourself with your choices.  Take some steps towards your goals,  see what happens.  Be bold, courageous and most of all do something everyday towards that goal.  Small or big steps all of them matter.   Learn to become confident in yourself first start there if you need to.  Invest time in yourself to reap the rewards later.  We all face challenges it’s how you learn to deal with them and work through them that makes you successful or left feeling upset and a victim of the circumstance.  Procrastination will get you no where so get up and get moving!  Start to expect the unexpected outcomes you thought you couldn’t have begin to get.  Achieve the impossible and don’t look back!


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