Chase Your Own Car!

Seeing first hand how others limits on you can affect your state of mind.  In our neighborhood there is a black dog that LOVES to chase cars.  I get upset at times because he comes so close to our car and I am afraid I will hit him.  Has to be a boy because girls just wouldn’t do something like chase a car, right?? 🙂

Day after day he is out there doing what brings him joy.  I have been known to say I wish they would put him up in the yard because he will get hit or cause an accident.  One cool morning I saw him in the driveway across the street from where he lives chasing the neighbors car as he was backing up.  Well, that isn’t to safe for the driver or dog.  I could imagine how frustrated the gentleman was trying to get to work that morning and now have a new obstacle of getting out of his driveway.  Wouldn’t you be frustrated if this dog was back and not making it easy for you to get out of your driveway? What if you were running late that morning and already irritated?  Have we all been at this place in our lives when someone or something was frustrating us and we just wished it would be tied up or go away?

A little later on this same day I went back down this street and what I saw changed my mind profoundly.  This black dog that I have watched and wished would be put up so he didn’t get hit or cause an accident was chained up in the front yard.  His chain length went to the end of the driveway but he couldn’t go out into the street.  He could have run the length of the front yard after the cars that drove by but instead he just sat there.  He sat there with the chain hanging down from around his neck, motionless, looking at the cars.  He didn’t even move his head as each car drove by.  It was the most pitiful sight I have ever seen.  All of his drive, his excitement in life, his joy was gone. You could tell he was just miserable.  I felt so bad, I felt like stopping and giving him a hug or a treat at least.

It made me think of my own life lessons that I wish would just go away or get fixed immediately.  But then I thought even deeper about the limits we allow others to set upon us.  Yes he could have made the best of it.  As a human we have that capability to think outside the box and make our situations better.  To constantly shift with our surroundings and learn from them.  Not give up like I had seen this dog do.  I know my limits self-imposed or not are there in my life path so I can shift and be smarter than before.  To make me grow into a new person and learn new things.

Obviously his owners didn’t like to see him so pathetic because just yesterday he was out again chasing cars.  Or maybe just maybe he learned how to sneak out and do what he loves to do.  He was back, full of life and energy, in the beautiful 80 degree weather we had yesterday.



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