Opening Up Your Limits

I have been thinking about self-imposed limits a lot lately.  In our minds we can rationalize every move we make and others make to fit our beliefs.  For example, in a tornado you might take an extra second and pull someone frozen in fear up to safety with you.  Or you might make a split second decision to run back into a burning house to save a stranger or loved one.  When on  a normal day you think to yourself I could never do that.  When we are not thinking, we tend to achieve a heck of a lot more in life.  We make gut decisions with not reasoning with ourselves as to why we should or need to do it.  To run back into a burning house you didn’t need to check with yourself if you have enough courage at that moment to do it, did you?

Have you ever done a mindless activity like take a walk in nature, ride a bike, for me it is to walk on a treadmill in front of a window and I can come up with some of the best ideas.  Or sometimes it is just playing with my family and thoughts and ideas just flow into my mind like magic.  I can solve the most difficult problems for myself or others when I am wide open like that.  I no longer need to know why I can do it, I just know I can and extremely grateful I have found one of the keys to unlock my brain.  When we dwell on our problems we tend to get stuck in the problem and not the solution.

Be aware of what you want to do in life and think of new ways to get it.  Not in the ways that keep you stuck from achieving what you want.  Find your own ways in mindless activity to open up your mind to new ideas and opportunities.


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