What Do You Do?

What would you do if you were “told” you had only 3 months or a year to live? Your days are numbered on this beautiful planet .  What would you do if you were told by others you could not see your children as much as you want to? Do you accept “their” word or do you reject it inside of your mind and say unacceptable.  I want more, I deserve more and I will get more?

Many people accept other people’s word as law.  Just because they say it is doesn’t mean you can’t keep trying, you can’t change your mind just because they won’t change theirs.  I have always had my own mind and done things the way I think they are good for me.  I use to live by my own mind and not have others influence me so much.  Now that I have been slapped on the wrists so much by people I once trusted in my life I am back to my old belief.  I will do what makes me happy, not you.  I will do whatever it takes to get what I want.  This means I gain more strength, more courage, more drive and most of all more self-love than these “other people” have.  I have to bypass their levels of limit they have set upon myself and themselves.

How do you ask do you do that? You begin first by trusting yourself on the inside.  You begin by trusting your own voice and listening to it.  Just because no one else thinks you can, or thinks you should doesn’t mean you have to adopt their limits.  They would prefer you to stay at their limits because you don’t make them grow either.  Look at it that way.  🙂



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