Embrace Change

How many of you have wanted to make changes in your life only to start down that path and when things get “crazy” you automatically think I can’t do this! This is to hard or what did I get myself into?  Think about it this way instead.  When you begin to release a pattern, the whole situation might seem to get worse for a little bit.  Maybe you are growing past your comfort zone or out of it all together.  Maybe you told on someone and the while situation is turning into a huge mess.  This is NOT necessarily a bad thing.  It means you are doing what you wanted, you wanted things to change, and the only way you will change is learn new ways to react to the surrounding events.  Get in there, knee-deep, bit the bullet and start creating what you wanted to in the first place.

I see so many of us get stuck because we can’t deal with the storm, which is a sign the situation is beginning to move in a different direction.  We need to just keep going, moving forward to see it through the end.

I have read “Your old thoughts are gone; thee is nothing you can do about them except live out the experiences they caused.  Your current thought, the one you are thinking right now, is totally under your control.”

Ride out the storm and you will see progress and changes.  NO matter how scary it seems or how big the emotional rollercoaster is.  You will learn huge life lessons and can actually begin to enjoy change and embrace it in your life.



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