What Goes up Always Comes Down

I love this Universal law don’t you? What goes up must come down.  If you think about a yo-yo, leafs bustling in the wind, mood swings, birds flying in the air, anything that goes up does eventually come down.  Sometimes the down is shorter in length meaning it doesn’t completely crash and burn but goes down in different heights.

For emotions and day-to-day living it is finding the balance to your down that makes it a good day or a not so good day.  For example you might be riding high on a series of good days. Favorable to you in every way.  Then all of a sudden something you want doesn’t go your way.  What do you do? Are you one of those that throws it all in because that one event made a bad day or week? Heck I have had weeks where my Monday was not so good, Tuesday was tons better, wake up Wednesday to a day full of conflicts and Thursday was great again.  I took it all in stride and kept thinking it will turn out better than I expect at this very moment.

When thinking about this little Universal law, I think of challenging situations will eventually turn around.  May not be when I think it should turn around but there is a perfect time when it does.  A higher force that knows better than us at times even though we may not like it or understand it at the time.  This is where faith comes in big time.  Have to dig deep and know the outcome you want to happen will happen or something better than you can imagine will happen.  The object here is to focus on good instead of negative.  Focusing on the negative of the situation will only reinforce it and bring more “power” to it.  Focusing on the good or unbelievable at the present moment will give that outcome more “power” to happen.  Keep repeating to yourself “I don’t know how ______ I only know it does now and I am fulfilled.”  You can substitute a broad example and say “I don’t know how I have all the positive support and resources to make this happen right now, I only know I do and I am fulfilled.”  This gives your mind a sense of relaxation in knowing it is working on making a positive outcome instead of a negative one.

Life is fun if you let it be.  This is just one of the Universal Laws we can use to remind ourselves in challenging times.  It will not last forever.  Because what goes down must come back up.  Nothing remains the same in nature including our lives. 🙂




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