Life Paths

Power question time! Came across these questions to help stimulate your mind and hopefully get you reminded of your goals in life.

If you take the time to write your answers down you will get tons out of this exercise 🙂

1. If you were to fully live your life, what is the first change you would start to make?

2. What areas of your life could be upgraded/tweaked?

3. What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?

I have been reading a lot of posts/blogs out there lately.  Asking myself some questions I have heard “haters” out there ask me.  I have found my answers to my questions inside myself but wanted to know if others felt the same.  I have been asked over and over by the same few people why do I blog about my past abuse? It’s not conventional, it’s not the “right” thing to do.  That is according to them, I blog to help others by letting them know they are not alone, others like them feel some of their emotions too.  You reach out to show you are human and if others can not take it that is their problem not mine.

The last questions answer for myself is I tried what I needed to try all along.  I choose a different path in my life. There is nothing wrong with choosing a different path, for gathering the courage to grow and move up the ladder of happiness and success to better yourself.  To “fail” is part of life, but it those who are around you that can keep you in failure or help move you.  When those that keep you in failure you can spot pretty easily, they constantly put you down, label you as wrong no matter what you do and what is funny they often do what they put you down for.  Keep that in mind.  Your success in reaching your goals has more to do with what you tell yourself, your own drive and ability to learn the game of life.

“For all my bad B*t**es, I can see your Halo” ~Nicki Minaj



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