Depression and Solutions

Today’s blog is for my good friend JT out in California. ūüôā and for everyone else that has ever felt the way she currently does. When I heard her say “the darkness has just taken over me, I have no reason for it because my life is good I just feel it all over my body.” ¬†Know you are not alone my friend!!

Instead of dwelling on why we can sometimes feel this way, which makes it worse when you give a lot of attention to it. ¬†We are going to focus on ways to turn it around. Even some of the most popular of Hollywood, close friends, those we haven’t met have all had that dark cloud hang over us for any given amount of time. ¬†For some it is excuses in why life is unfair, actions of others and so on. ¬†The bottom line is we have a choice to feel this way. Some days we just need to feel the emotion and move through it not get stuck. ¬†When we do get stuck in the darkness, we become debilitated. ¬†For some that feeling is over powering and they take extreme measures unfortunately.

For me I feel the emotion for a little bit, I know longer stuff it down and ignore it. I know that emotions do lie and it is my choice at any time to flip the switch and begin to feel better. ¬†Flipping the switch is hard for some but you can listen to music, write, blog, talk to someone who is uplifting, read a book, exercise, try something new (to help empower you) or go for a walk. ¬†The idea is to move yourself, physically moving helps your brain see you are going forward. ¬†You are not stuck and you don’t have to be. ¬†I keep in mind when I feel a certain way I attract more of those felings. ¬†I want happiness, love, fun and laughter ¬†in my world. ¬†If I am feeling something other than that then I want to shift.

Emotions can lie to us and make us go further down that dark hole and keep us there.  Emotions are tricky little things that turn big.  If you find yourself going down into that darkness begin to think of better days in the past if you have to.  Watch a video on YouTube that makes you laugh out loud.  Surround yourself with love and support and most important if you feel you are a victim of someone else.  Take your power back, get up, stand up and speak or flip it to empower you!


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