Mind control

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions ~Albert Einstein

So true but so thought-provoking when you think about it.  Kinda scary what we let into our minds to sit all day.  NO wonder some of us get what we think about all day long.  What we worry about and fear the most comes true in one way or another.  How do you stop it?

You take back your mind and thoughts by taking control over them.  Write down  what’s bothering you, write it all out than once you feel a little better set that piece of paper on fire or tear it up into a thousand pieces.  Watch your worries literally disappear in front of you.  Pushing them down inside of you does not work.  That is how you get what you do not want.  Use your voice, you have one right? Use it and speak up for yourself. Something is bothering you, don’t hold it in.  Let go of the people who bring you the most turmoil in life right now.  If you are not comfortable with letting them go forever don’t think of it long-term.  Just for the next couple of days until you feel better.

Start a new project or get a new hobby. Here is one, go for long walks outside or on a treadmill.  I get some of my best ideas this way, I problem solve better than anyone when I am looking out a window on a treadmill.  Helps relax your mind and an added benefit to your health!!

Enjoy your day today!



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