Mind Discipline

Maybe you are just starting out in the world of Law of Attraction, or finding your spiritual side of God? Maybe you have heard over and over again what you think about most will come to you whether you want it or not.  (that comes from your set point inside yourself of deserving things in life). Or maybe you are wondering why in the world what I have wanted still hasn’t come to me and this is a bunch of crap. 🙂

I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, what you think you want, what you really do want does come to you every time and sometimes just takes a little longer.  Sometimes years, but it does come.  I can pick out 5 things right now in my life that I have wanted ( most small but a couple big) that I didn’t try to hard to get because I was thinking about other “big” things but none the less they all arrived at the perfect time.  The things I am working on getting is taking its sweet time to come to me and I am ok with that. That is part of the journey that you hear people talk about. Have the patience and enjoy the lessons on the journey and the gift is sweeter in the end.  This morning I was thinking about I wonder why it is taking so long to get ____.  Then I laughed and said I just affirmed I don’t have it right now and my mind knows I don’t.  This is the mind game you play with yourself at times.  One key to getting what you want is I think you dwell on it already being in front of you, you have it already when you meditate, you basically convince yourself and feel like you have it.  Then once you are good to go on those thoughts you let it go.  You begin to work on other things not related to it.  You leave it alone basically, only coming back to it when you meditate and see you already having it.  Your mind if you don’t re-think over and over and counteract what you just visualized doesn’t know the difference.  Key point here!! Giving away some of my coaching stuff here for free!! 🙂 Can walk you through the process on a coaching call if you like.

Mind discipline is what you should practice and you can achieve your dreams.  You can do the impossible and make it all possible in your world.  I have done it so many times, I got real good at it in my younger years before I could explain it to others what I was doing.  Then bad walks into your life, breaks down what comes naturally to you, you re-learn new ways and rebuild.  Kinda like a tornado comes through your house and rips it all apart.  Ever had that tornado be someone you loved and trusted? Breaks you down mentally, emotionally and physically? Then you are left with pieces? Putting it all back together keeps you from the “victim” label, you are now a survivor and now can move on to a better life.  Happened for a reason and that reason is not to keep you stuck in a self-destructive pattern.  You can do this and you can overcome anything.


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