Affirmations, Do You Do Them?

Do you do affirmations?  Have you ever tried them? I have been seeing a lot of emails regarding if they work or not.  Which is suprising because around this time of year I usually have an inbox filled with resolutions and have you slowed down yet on your goals.

Affirmations, some swear by them and some say nope, didn’t work for me.  I think they can work if done the right way.  An affirmation is usually one sentence in the positive, present tense that you want to see manifest in your life. Truthfully I usually adopt Louise Hay’s affirmations and use her words or replace a word or two with what I want.  Anyone can say a sentence or two over and over with no feeling attached to it and they are no better off than when they started.  I have heard I keep saying affirmations but my kids or spouse still won’t change or do what I want them to.  Doesn’t work that way.  You want changes in others, you change yourself first.  You concentrate on you bottom line.

When you have your affirmation in your head, written out on paper, memorize it.  When you fill your head with those words over and over you can not possibly be thinking about the opposite result.  Do this often throughout the day, fall asleep to yourself saying it in your head.  Picture what it would be like (in a positive way with good feelings) two or three times a day.  Doesn’t take a really long time to do this.  The idea behind affirmations is to boost your overall emotions behind it to tell your brain this is what you want.

The ONLY limits in your life are the limits you impose upon yourself!! You have to awaken to how much potential and how un-limitless life is!! Change your program in your head (this is possible) and live!

Leave a comment below if you have tried or had positive experiences with your affirmations.


4 thoughts on “Affirmations, Do You Do Them?

  1. I don’t do affirmations, but I do renew my mind with God’s word. If I am struggling with a negative thought pattern, I look for Biblical truth to counter it. If I need encouragement I can find it there.

    I don’t like affirmations because they don’t necessarily have to be true.

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