Learn and Apply, Action Steps

“Read as though you are going to teach it to your spouse, your child, a business associate, or a friend today or tomorrow, while it is still fresh, and notice the difference in your mental and emotional process.” ~Stephen Covey


I recently read the above in a book and thought about all the times I learned new information in the past but didn’t use it right away.  Hint, secret is in the action of what you learned that day immediately.  Not wait or put it off or think about it until you don’t think it is new anymore and you don’t apply it so you move onto the next new thing.

For example when you start an exercise plan you do all the research, you buy clothes maybe to workout in. Maybe you get magazines or books for recipes but you never get your list together for the grocery store or you don’t get the food.  You think and think about it, you keep putting it off and soon the idea is comfortable to you but not the action steps.  Where if you just gathered some information, got up the first morning, and did some exercise and made a conscious choice to eat better the first couple of days you would have action steps immediately.  Therefore making it a little more motivating to your brain to follow through with your plan, your brain will automatically want more information so you gather as you go.  See how the action steps right away keep your momentum up?

I have seen time and time again if we are doing things for other people, then we will push through and make sure it happens.  Maybe if you begin to think about your self-help products in that nature then applying them to your life will be easier.  Same goes with if you are going to school and you are studying, change your mindset into thinking what I learn now will be used to help others now and later on.  You can teach or explain what you learn to others to help improve their lives.  What do you think most self-help people are doing? We are getting out there everyday to help others out of their pain since we have applied what we learned and we are just a little further ahead than you and want to help pull you up to where we are.  🙂

This month is about gratitude, and how it can improve our lives.  It usually results in a shift in your thinking and perception of things.  We all prefer to feel better, for some it is a never-ending search for that one person that can make it all better.  It starts inside with the knowledge you can apply to your life now.  In the present tense and once you begin to realize it starts inside first you are half way there.

Enjoy your day today!! Remember Happiness is not something ready made it coms from your own actions. 🙂


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