Meeting Your Goals

Looking back over the past year especially, so many changes and bold moves..  I declared on the first day of 2011 to people around me what 2011 was going to bring and it did.  Not all my goals were met (I had many of them).   I came to realize after not making goals for a long time, what was I thinking? I use to let my goal dates pass and get discouraged because I didn’t meet them.  I have seen time and time again if you put forth the effort to achieve it and you miss the date you wanted it done by then it is coming to you even better.  Could be a better circumstance, a surprise or a miracle.  But your effort will pay off and you will receive something.

I am grateful I am a mom, for the love I feel and receive, for all the past years ups and downs.  It made me grow stronger when I didn’t think I could.  For me looking at a part of my past and dealing with it in a healthy way and letting go of circumstances that were not good for me anymore.  I am so grateful for my kids and who they are as their own persons.  My love for them has strengthened and powered me through rough times.  I truly know wat it important to me, who is not and what I want.  Now is the part to sharpen the focus on what I want, dig my heels in, make the effort and I will receive all that I want.  My list is huge (like always) for 2012, a couple of things left unaccomplished in 2011 will roll over into 2012 but worth the effort.

2012 will be as amazing as you want it to be.  Everything that is around us vibrates at a certain frequency to stay whole or in the shape we see.  I often wondered what frequency does money vibrate at?? 🙂 Gets people thinking when I ask that.  If you live with lack thoughts regarding money you are defiantly not in the spectrum of vibration you want to be at to get it.  Maybe for the new year you have a new income goal? Be open to multiple ways of receiving income, your talents,  be open to new opportunities, begin to think and believe you can achieve the desired amount, you deserve it and move into feeling good that you have it already.  You can imagine and  feel anything with your eyes closed, begin to “trick” your brain into seeing it in your mind first.  Then you can see results on outside world. Do it everyday, two or three times a day if you wish.

Happy New Years Eve everyone!


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