Changing Your Outlook, One Thing at a Time

The day after Christmas.  The mall parking lot is completely full again, freezing cold outside and holiday decorations being put away in the boxes until next year.  Lists being made of goals to be accomplished for 2012 and for some the first day back to work.  Anyone else relate to this? 🙂 The garbage and recycle bins filled to the top with empty boxes of toys that now fill rooms.  The toy makers must love this time of year, they are extremely grateful.

What’s on your list of goals or accomplishments for 2012? Have you even thought about it? Instead of taking all week to think, why don’t you take a little time out while cleaning up or putting stuff away and when you get a couple of ideas instead of saying I will start when the New Year gets here, you start taking steps today? Waiting and procrastinating is what keeps up from achieving it.  Kick it in the butt in the first place and start now. Action steps is what fuels your momentum in making it come true.  Maybe it is another blog post to get your blog rankings up, a class to take you have always wanted to take, register now.  Increase your sales?  Well hat usually takes the one thing most people dislike and that is to approach new customers face to face.  Go for it!!! 🙂  Tackle your debt once and for all and get it under control.

When you do all of these things from a place inside that you feel good it doesn’t feel like a dreading chore that you “have” to get done.  Change your outlook just a little and you might surprise yourself.  Results might be a little unpredictable. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day.


One thought on “Changing Your Outlook, One Thing at a Time

  1. I never do New Years resolution. I try to keep an ongoing mental lists of things I’d like to do or accomplish. Like continue working out (although I’ve had hard time keeping up with this the past few weeks with everything going on), starting school, continue healing, look into organizing a 5k and things like that.

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