Temporary Doesn’t Mean Forever, Does It?

From The Teachings of Abraham series:   So many things have made sense for me. One of the earliest was learning that every single problem, difficulty or challenge is temporary. Stuff that looks insurmountable becomes immediately less so if you apply the ‘temporary’ label.

The other good thing that Abe suggests we do, when horrible contrast (their word for negative circumstances) looms, is to focus right in on the moment and understand that the world hasn’t come to an end. For example, say you’ve lost your job or you’ve discovered your car needs $$$s of work. You are at your computer or sitting on your sofa and you have this great big cloud of a problem right over you. Stop for a moment and acknowledge that you’re still here. No-one is breaking down your door. You’re comfortable. There is food in the fridge. So right in this very moment, the negative situation does not apply. Everything is fine. From there you can begin to feel better. Apply the temporary label. Understand that the solution to your problem does not lie in worrying about the problem. It’s time for some creative thinking..

Seeing in present time often takes the fear and pain out of a situation.  We often get wrapped up in past tense or what ifs’ of the future.  What if you chose a different scenario to happen in the future, instead of one that upsets you when you think about it? By living in the present moment, you can become aware of what’s around you. Are you sitting down? Are you aware of what you are sitting on? The texture of it? Do you feel safe or secure right at this very moment? That is the now, we all should live in this moment.   Instead few of do and we are often “a little bit into the future moment.”  Let me define, when I heard future I often thought a year or two or five down the road.  A little bit into the future means events coming up in the next few days, weeks or months.  We are worried or obsessed with something happening.  But futures can change, one thing, one thought, one person or circumstance can change the outcome for forever.  Keep that in mind.  This is where temporary comes in.  The challenges you face now are only temporary.  Meaning, won’t last forever.  Take a minute to appreciate that  it is only temporary and put that into the puzzle of your difficulty.

I know so many of you have struggles, we all do.  I hear from so many in the emails I receive asking for guidance.  You are not alone, it is only temporary and it does get better.  The practice of gratitude and appreciation is the first step in raising your vibrational level to get more of what you do want in life.  There is no magic cure or pill we can all take.  That would take away from the beauty of life’s experiences.  I know, struggle is not so beautiful 🙂 But the lesson that comes from it IF you learn it is what can be beautiful and you turn around to teach others in your circle.

Have an incredible day!


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