Rethink your Situation

‎”When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better, and allow the natural Well-Being that is yours”.

Abraham Hicks

How are you doing on day 5? Step up your focus and trying to retrain yourself? One of the easiest exercises I have ever come across and beneficial is to start at your toes and express appreciation for each body part.  Feel thankfulness for the movement, health, visualize repair or healing in the area if it needs it and feel thankful for it happening.  One part spend some time on is the heart, feel love and thankfulness.  I have done his before getting out of bed, or when I can’t sleep, or at stop lights.  An added benefit is your mind is off your problems, troubles or stress for a little bit.  It is difficult to concentrate on two different things at the same time.  We can always choose what w will focus on at any given time.  This exercise takes some thought because chances are it is new to you.

If you have any exercises or tips please share with everyone.  If you find yourself wrapping presents or going to another holiday party and you have aches from the heels you are wearing or back pain from wrapping presents.  Shift and start to think about being thankful for the invite, they wanted you there. Or being thankful you got that person a gift.  A great mood lift that is small is baking cookies for others.  There were days when the last thing I wanted o do was get up, make a mess in the kitchen and bake with the kids.  The benefit of shifting my focus to I get to spend quality time with them made the world of difference.  I use to make huge boxes of delicious holiday treats with the kids.  One of the best treats we made were homemade marshmallows.  I let the kids pick out a couple of recipes we both have never made but looked good and often we ended up with about 15 to 20 different kinds of treats to box up and hand out to loved ones, teachers, neighbors and their friends.  I not only got the benefits of hanging out with my kids but we laughed and gave to others for them to enjoy.  Every year my list of holiday boxes grew others had heard about them and requested one too.  🙂

Happy day to all of you!!



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