Why Does Gratitude Work?

An attitude of gratitude works for us because we put our thoughts on a specific item or situation.  We give our attention to the thing you like.  You evoke positive feelings or emotions around and inside yourself.  That is the energy you have that attracts more of what you like into your life.  You attract instead of repel.

Let’s look back in life to think about examples.  Beautiful objects such a homes, cars, furniture, jewelry or clothes if they are pleasing to our eye then we get a good feeling.  Hearing good news, prayers answered, or seeing someone who is truly grateful for a service can stir our appreciation feelings.  If you are unable to grasp gratitude think of it in a way to appreciate the object or person.

The objects that repel us away from them are not pleasing to our eye.  This is what makes the world go round.  We all have different tastes and different things we like.  We often get stuck repelling because usually a situation has happened beyond our control.  You can not control others behaviors or attitudes. Upsets us and we get stuck on dwelling on the story and feelings wrapped in it.  If you can imagine being stuck in this you are putting a dark blanket over you. No light can come in because you have covered yourself in this dark blanket.  Once you catch yourself and throw that blanket half way off, like you uncover your head at least, you peek out acknowledging I don’t want more of this situation or these feelings coming to me.   You can move from there, I have often just from knowing I want a better outcome I begin to think about the kind of outcome I want.  Dwell on that outcome instead of the upsetting emotions.  Shift to application of no ending has happened and you want a better one. I know some people who do the opposite and convince themselves of harmful, negative outcomes and will argue that is the way it is.  Please re-think this thought process you not only harm yourself with life experiences but other people too.  Plus that’s not a fun way to live.

Getting back on track here, by focusing on aspects you like you create more feelings of positivity.  And your happiness expands and grows.  This is one simple habit that has many beautiful benefits.



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