New Habit of Gratitude

Gratitude 🙂

Did you remember to stop and think last two days and consciously think about the things you are grateful for? Sometimes when you begin a new habit,  the first couple days you hit and miss  on what you want to do.

Make that conscious decision today to not put this exercise on the back burner.  Begin today if you have kinda sorta put it off the past 2 days.  Create a reminder for yourself.  Re-train your brain, put an object in your pocket even a quarter or penny and through out the day when you reach in your pocket and touch the object you will remember to practice gratitude. I once put a rock my daughter painted in my pocket because it was heavy.  Or an object that is kinda big like a kids toy, when you reach in you think for a moment what is this doing in my pocket? Then you will remember why, you are re-training your brain to get into a new habit.  This is an alternative way to begin a new habit. 🙂

You can start with the little things in life.  You can say thank you multiple times in a row to get yourself in a place of feeling grateful. When you get yourself in that feeling place you can really make things happen.  I love being in that feeling place, my day goes so much better.

SO remember to start today if you haven’t!!!


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