Overcome Dark to Get to Gratitude

Gratitude 🙂

What happens when the world gives you something you don’t really like but you need to deal with it? You find a positive in it and it makes it easier to deal with.  Our emotions are often tied to our minds and thoughts. Let those emotions get the best of you and you can be on cloud 9 happy and dancing around.  Or you can be in the fast lane in a negative state and quickly lose control of your space around you.

Some people I know wear a rubber band around their wrist and snap it when they think not so healthy thoughts.  Which are the kind that make you feel worse or low than you already are.       If you hear bad news or gossip just say out loud or to yourself “Thanks for sharing.”  They can’t argue with that.

Gratitude is about you, inside of yourself to make you feel better as a person.  When you feel better than your surroundings are better and things flow a lot more smoothly.  How do you stay grateful during a difficult time?  Because people out there will always be ugly or negative (because they are not grateful or happy) and want you to feel like them.  may say something, act a certain way or actually cause you harm.  When they say or act a certain way you have to be grounded enough inside yourself to see it for what it is.  Their problem they are trying to push upon you.  I have told myself multiple times, if I continue to get or be upset I will bring more of it to me.  Not an easy thing to convince yourself when you have those fear and negative emotions running through you.  I defiantly want a better outcome is what I remind myself so I slip back inside and continue to remind myself to let go of fear and calm down.  Handle the situation from calmness and I will think more clearly and be more creative in problem solving.

Much love to you all.  Did you write down some things you were grateful for yesterday?  Have you ever done an exercise like this one? If so please share below in comments.


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