There’s a self expansive aspect of gratitude.  Very possibly it’s a little known law of nature: the more gratitude you have, the more you are grateful for. ~Elaine St. James

A year ago I did this on my other blog.  It is a 90 day challenge of Gratitude.  It was a huge success for all of us that practiced it for 90 days.  Each day you will get a reminder (this blog) to help keep you in the spirit of gratitude.  You will notice a little hop in your step and how much more you receive in your life of fulfillment.  I love this exercise 🙂

All you need to do is be aware of all the little things that make you smile or you help bring a smile to others.  These are stepping-stones for the habit of fulfillment you will receive at the end of the 90 days.  Hopefully it will begin a new habit for you in your life.  Please share with everyone your experiences that do notice.

I read in a quote this past week that when you start with gratitude in your heart, you expand it into your outside world and allow so many more things into your life.  Gratitude is like the rain to make things grow.  Gratitude showers your soul with love and once you begin to notice and become aware. Then new experiences that are great begin to show up for you and it just keeps expanding.

Have you ever heard your thoughts are like a garden, be careful of what you sow? Well, begin a new garden, one that is grown with gratitude and you will be amazed how quickly your crop of thoughts grow. 🙂

My experience with this 90 day challenge is nothing short of amazing.  Sometimes we just need a pick me up or challenge like this one to kick-start us.  I’m not waiting for the New Year to kick-start feeling great.

Keep a notepad with you or a new app on your phone and take about 5 minutes during the day a couple of times.  Write out what made you grateful, or what you are grateful for.  It can be small at first, or maybe a big huge thing or event happened.  Some examples are a wonderful breakfast, kids giving you kisses and hugs, cuddling in the morning, warm in the house, food to eat, able to Christmas shop, health, taking a step of courage, taking the first step in believing in something you thought wasn’t possible.  The list is endless, what matters is that you get in the mindset of being grateful.

Share with you tomorrow. Much love to you all



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