Belief in the Season

To believe in the possible, gives the impossible a chance to happen.

Isn’t it the season to make wishes come true? I mean when we are younger during this holiday season we are asked to go tell Santa what we want.  Our wishes usually came true as long as it wasn’t a new, live baby or a dog or kitten.  Then we figure out it wasn’t some guy that delivers presents to our house in the middle of the night it was our parents or someone else making our wishes come true.  We kind of loose that spirit of wishing & miracles for the holiday season unless you make up your mind to believe still in the spirit of holidays.

As adults we can still get back into the magic of the season.  If you think about it, if you start on December 1st, it’s 24 days worth of “magic”.  If you have kids, imagine how many special memories you can build in such a short time.  One of my favorite traditions is a homemade advent calendar. You can make a paper chain or cut up pieces of paper write an activity on each one.  Such as make cookies, dance and sing to Christmas music, carol to neighbors, deliver cookies to fire station, police, EMT,  doctors office or nursing home.  See if you can volunteer somewhere with or without the kids, offer to wrap other family’s presents, or make it a friend/family night, just something you can do as a family every night or almost every night for 24 days.  Game night, cooking night, it doesn’t have to be holiday based every night.  If your kids have wanted to go bowling for months or see a movie then make it a special night to go.  Believe me, it makes a world of difference during this time of year.

One of our favorites was actually a down ay if it was cold or rainy outside.  I actually turned off my computer for the day, stayed in our jammies and watched Christmas movies, snuggled up on the couch together.

The “magic”of this season we sometimes need to be reminded of our immediate family and the nice or thoughtful things we can do with them.  Sure kids love the presents, we as adults have our stress, but if we can just be reminded miracles can happen in our lives if we are open to the possibility!!

Be open and you will get more than you ever dreamed possible!

Much love



One thought on “Belief in the Season

  1. I used to hate Christmas with a passion, but that really had to do with past abuse and not so much the day itself. Today, I love the joy the kids get out of the holiday season. It brings such joy to my heart. I am beginning to really come around and enjoy Christmas myself.

    A day of snuggling up on the couch watching Christmas movies would be great.

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