Adversity are you a camper, quitter or climber?

Are you a quitter, climber or camper? Let me take a minute to explain each definition here of what I mean.

A quitter is simply give up on the climb up the mountain or challenge – in the pursuit of an enriching life – and as a result are often embittered.  Quitters often blame others, become overwhelmed, and allow adversity to stay a lot longer than necessary.

Campers generally work hard, apply themselves and pay their dues in life to get to the next level.  Then they plateau by planting their stakes in the ground, pitch their tent and camp out there for a while.  Sometimes never leave the spot.  They let adversity wear them down like the elements outside.  Tend to blame others when they are tense or tired and often lose faith when adversity is high in their lives.

Climbers are a rare breed who continue to learn, grow, strive and improve until they grow so far into their golden years and look back to say “I gave it my all”.  These are resilient and tenacious about life.  Focusing on solutions verses blaming others, they are trusting and agile.

Adversity usually ranges from avoiding, surviving, coping, managing and harnessing adversity.

How or can you move from one to the other? Of course you can!! It’s easier when you begin by taking the first step, you focus on what you are doing right now.  If you choose to look way out in front of you think of only a positive outcome.  The future hasn’t happened yet so might as well imagine it in the best light.  Basically if you begin to feel fear or overwhelmed then you have to out think or outwit the fear.

I think we are all a composite of climbing, camping, and quitting.  To align too closely with one particular approach in life, in my experience, seems to lead to stagnation.  Too much climbing and my inner camper wants a rest, my inner quitter wants to avoid and withdraw from life.  Too much camping and I lose some of my much-needed and admirable drive staying put in one place.  Too much quitting and depression, anxiety, and other unhealthy habits emerge and take root in our lives.  Taking breaks, enjoying the view, asking for support, identifying meaningful goals, and taking pride in however we are able to show up each day is important.  As Woody Allen has said in the past, “80% of success is showing up.”  I showed up. I climbed. Likely with much less courage than my ancestors had to muster on those battlefields, but I climbed. These days, I am much more likely to be inspired by the courage that my children muster as fellow climbers on this journey than I think I inspire courage in them.  I climb for them, as much as to keep up with them!

Regardless of whether you are camping, climbing, or quitting in the various areas of your life, it takes intellectual and emotional courage to reflect on the choices we make and the ripple effects in our lives and the lives of our children. It takes courage to forge ahead in the dark or cloudy days when our choices no longer seem so clear.  Those steps takin each day will carry you through to the other side where you achieve, excel and live life to the fullest.

Much love to you all


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