Empowering positive energy in life

Be the kind of person who generates positive energy and sidesteps negative energy rather than empowering it.

We all face what others think about us or say about us at one time or another in our life.  It is what you are going to do or how you react to it that makes it true or not.  Just because someone has an opinion of you doesn’t mean that it is true.  I have found out that positive outlooks about ourselves can soar us to new heights and give us a boost of confidence that is amazing.  The opposite can bring you down faster than a rock sinking in water.  So why do we have to believe what others think about ourselves? Is it you value their opinion about you more than you value your own opinion about yourself? Who made them perfect enough to judge you? Is what I would be asking.

Constructive criticism is a good thing, it can help you look at the different ways in your life to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You keep your head up while listening.  But when you decided that when someones opinion of you is that you are no good, you are damaged, or you can’t do something, that is not keeping your head up.  You are in fact feeding their negativity about you and that does you no good.  You don’t feel good afterwards and you can stay stuck in a rut that forms a habit to even less in life.

Go back and start to ask yourself why is it you think you can not achieve something you want to do. Why can’t you start your own business? Why can’t you change jobs? Why can’t you leave a toxic relationship or friendship? What stops you and how can you look at it differently?

Many of my friends are wondering how in the world am I going to do the holidays this year? There are so many solutions to this question if you start now! Are you in this same boat, ignoring that the holidays are creeping up? Or already loosing sleep over it? HOw about a couple of presents each pay period? How about lay away, and paying on it starting now until the holidays? Tons of sales, toy swaps, start a toy swap for your community.  Have you ever been to one or volunteered at one? One day parents bring in newer toys (because goodness knows a lot of us have them that our kids have played with only once because they have so stinkin many!) to drop off, you give  ticket per toy dropped off, you can do it by age groups or condition of toy or however it is easy for you to sort them in your mind.  Then about a week later you set up all the toys in a big room or community center.  Only parents with tickets can participate!! They come in with their tickets to purchase other toys in the room.  It is a free community service that I have found gets bigger and bigger each year and you usually can draw in support from local stores too. Just a thought. Turn a “bad”, hopeless feeling of lack around and make it a positive one.  Don’t feed the negative feelings or lack in your life.  Turn it around to help others.

Much love to you all



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