Being Thankful

“I, ______________, eagerly commit to the TOC November Challenge of Intention & Attention? Every day I commit to Commanding for what I want and then holding my Attention on that Intention. I commit to retraining my mind to pay attention to my experiences, my situation, my way of being, my belief structures, my ideas of what is possible to achieve. I commit to marking each moment of “Intending and Attending” and celebrate those moments.
I also commit to spreading this Challenge to others in my life, so that they too may experience more of Intention and Attention for themselves.
I commit to doing all of this in the spirit of Love, Laughter, Joy, Peace and focusing my Attention on my Intention.”
With it being November, I have always done a month of being thankful posts in the past.  Things that I am grateful for, a little knowledge about why it makes us feel better and hopefully inspire your day a little bit more.  For this 3rd day of November, I am truly thankful for where I am in my life right now,  challenges and all.  But with saying that, I am doing the above attention and intention action for this month also.  So I don’t tend to focus on my challenges at hand.  I choose to look at the outcome I want to happen.  It is retraining your mind and habits you have had.  For 30 days in this month, I will establish a new habit of holding my intention for the days a new way.  🙂
I have really thought about how often my mind can wander and start to think about the outcomes I do not wish to happen.  I have caught myself on many occasions and turned my words around.  Always saying this or something better happening.  Have you ever just paid attention to your thoughts for a full day? I did it for 3 days straight once and I literally was shocked by what can go through it!! 🙂 I was tired by the end of the 3rd day but I did it and ended up feeling better than ever and got many unexpected blessings in those 3 days.  🙂 Take some time out and really pay attention to what you tell yourself.  Are you worried about yourself or others? Are you concerned about what others will think or say?  Even worse do you put yourself down throughout the day?
Take some time out today and write down the little things that have happened today that make you thankful.  A smile? An I love you? Anything big or small.  Start to notice them and you will begin to see more of those experiences in your life.
Much love to you all

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