Intention and Attention

I received this in my email inbox yesterday.  I love these little challenges because it keeps focus on what you want instead of what you do not want in your life.  TOC is short for The One Command, it is a great book that I highly recommend.  There is a yahoo group for The One Command community and you can find practitioners online if you wish to join.  I just love sharing information with everyone, not each book or program you check out is always a fit, that is why I try to introduce many types to everyone.

This month’s TOC Challenge is about using your Intention and Attention to create what you want in life.

What is the difference between a person who is living their dreams and another who is not?  Two reasons that we will focus on this month—Intention and Attention and a belief system that either supports the dream or feeds the fear.

According to quantum physics, everything exists as either a wave (unmanifest potential) or a particle (manifested).  A wave becomes a particle by our attention and focus on it.  When you place your Attention on a thought, feeling or desire—it becomes a particle—a manifested ‘thing.’  When you remove your attention from it—meaning when you cease observing it or obsessing about it—it becomes a wave of energy again—unmanifest potential.

Intention and Attention.  You may INTEND to have more money, but where is your ATTENTION?  On your lack, your pain, your past?  Or is it on your Intention—your desire?  Remember the tale of the 2 wolves?  Which one are you feeding—giving your Attention to?

That’s easy to know.  If you live in worry and fear, you are feeding what you don’t want & by that Attention making it manifest as a particle—a reality.  As long as you allow your Attention to be on the fear you continue to hold that as your reality—imprisoned in the fear, unable to shift back into a wave.

If you feel joy, peace, gratitude, faith—if you are open to receiving a new experience and trusting yourself—then your Attention is feeding your desire.

So the key is to take your Intention (what you want to create) and place your Attention (your focus) on what you want.  Focusing your Attention on your Intention is what creates that new reality.  Simple concept, but not always easy to apply if you are consumed with fear and worry.  Right?

So what do you do then?  You cannot step into your desired future dragging your past pain with you.  You just can’t create what you want from the foundation of your past pain.  You MUST be willing to let go of your old baggage and old fears.  And you do that by

Commanding for what you WANT instead of what you have.  Make sense?

So here is the Challenge for November—to make a decision—every day—to Command for what you want AND hold your Attention on your Intention for the day.  You can play with the same Intention for the entire month or have a new Intention every day or anything in between.  It’s up to you.  What is important is to keep your Attention on what you want for the entire day.  If you find that you have wandered back into old patterns—STOP and REPLACE with your Intention and Attention again.

Ready to play?

“I, ___________, eagerly commit to the TOC November Challenge of Intention & Attention.  Every day I commit to Commanding for what I want and then holding my Attention on that Intention.  I commit to retraining my mind to pay attention to my experiences, my situation, my way of being, my belief structures, my ideas of what is possible to achieve. I commit to marking each moment of “Intending and Attending” and celebrate those moments.

I also commit to spreading this Challenge to others in my life, so that they too may experience more of Intention and Attention for themselves.

I commit to doing all of this in the spirit of Love, Laughter, Joy, Peace and focusing my Attention on my Intention.”

Let’s report in with each other during the month as a way of holding our Attention on our Intention!

 Much love to you all


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