Funny Fish Story

Have you ever had one of those days where you just sit and laugh at he kids because they say the funniest things?  I promised a trip to the pet store to buy some fish.  No dog, no bird, no cat and I can get a free mouse outside if I wanted one of those so no mouse! A fish for each of them. After going to the pet store and being asked for everything but a snake and spider we left with 1 red beta fish, 1 blue beta fish,  2 tanks, a bag of different colored pretty rocks (even though rocks were included in the fish tank kit) and 2 plants.

With the fish safely in their bags on the girls laps in the backseat they are letting us know “I think he is dead” why says B to P. P says because he isn’t moving he is just laying in the bottom of the cup.  B tells P to check to make sure his eyes are open.  Now that got me really laughing because I thought fishes eyes were always open.  Then P’s fish poops and eats it and spits it out.  That made the youngest B start laughing and saying “your fish is gross sissy”.

So to make sure the fish aren’t “dead” they constantly come by and thump the tanks on a daily basis.  I think the fish will be conditioned to move every time they walk by the tanks.  We get back to the house and they ask if they can have a huge tank with a lot of fish.  Now knowing I will be in charge of cleaning these tanks out and knowing it takes 5 minutes to do each tank there is no way I have time for a bigger tank!  I told them as all parents say these magical words “If you take care of these then w can graduate to a bigger tank”.  Ya right, a 12 and 5-year-old! Their idea of taking care of the tank is thumping on it to watch them swim.

The girls asked if H who is 3 years old and a boy (need I say more), will try to get up on the counter and get into the tanks to grab the fish?   Honestly I would be more concerned with me cleaning the tanks and the fish not going down the drain accidentally when I am pouring the water out into a big glass for the fish to wait in while I clean the rocks, plants and tanks.

much love to you all



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