Assume, Do You Do It Often?

When I was a child my parents drilled into my head you never assume.  You always ask for clarification.  In the medical field it was always when you assume you will be wrong every time so don’t do it!! Now fast forward to real life, right now and I am being reminded by other people in my life to not assume.

I find it fascinating how people assume what is going on or has gone on in my life.  And these people use to be close to me.  They make all of these assumptions and guess what.  Only about 5% of them are correct.  I find this amazing!!  It’s like hearing about a tabloid in my life.  Some of it I would love to be true and maybe it will be one day.  I have begun to just think let them think what they want.  They will think it no matter what I say.  That is just the place they are in right now in their lives.  No big deal.

I choose to keep humble by this with taking it as a lesson to keep asking questions.  To keep learning and not assume I know.  Now some things if you can believe this one, I am not allowed to ask.  My hands are tied for now but I listen and learn but still not assume.  How many of us assume we know what our kids or spouse are thinking? Do you bother to ask them what you are think they are thinking? Or do you get worked up over it without making sure?  How about when you go into a doctor’s office? Do you let them scoot you out the door without ALL your questions answered?

I urge you to start asking questions.  I read somewhere once that to show true intelligence you ask questions.  Maybe our kids are born with that breed in them  and that is why they ask “why” so much.  Maybe we should start asking why, how, who and what a lot more everyday! Who knows what we could learn in a day.  Do you learn at least one or two things new a day?


Much love to you all



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