Adversity In These Times

Recently I was reminded what kind of strength we get facing our adversities in life or challenges.  A quote came up on a friends facebook page that said something to the effect of through your adversities comes strength, or God never gives you more than you can handle.  The one that caught my eye was How many struggles you face in your lifetime early, destines you for greatness later on.  Now my first thought was all of these pick me up quotes came from people that don’t have a lot of challenges in life and that was the only thing they could think to say.  But then the last one got me thinking and before I could say anything someone told me, “Dang what are you destined to be?” I smiled thinking back to all that I have faced thus far and continuing to face presently.  I have decided to not blog about myself so much at least personal details due to some people loving to get any information they can on me and use it against me.  But hiding is not the answer either.  I had to shut down my other popular blog Belief In Us with over 1000 followers and growing due to stupid fears of what others could get on me.    See even though I left an abusive marriage that person still harasses me and doesn’t see things clearly.  Stating he has blinders on is an under statement.  He sees only what he thinks is right and tries to push people into his views.

With it being National Domestic Abuse month and me having a past abusive marriage I am starting to speak out a lot more.  I wrote a book called “Whispers From My Heart” and in it my intent is to empower victims of abuse (any kind of abuse). You can check out the book at  To inspire and challenge their minds with new ways of looking at situations they are in.  I am stepping out of my shell and speaking up for many of us that want  to or feel they can’t just yet.  With each challenge it is just that a challenge.  By embracing it and not fearing it you can learn to love those butterflies in your stomach and go for it.  I have learned to embrace and learn as I go.  Put into action what I learn  and not be afraid of people.  I have been trained to be silenced for so long, to never speak about past issues.  That all changed one day when I trusted the wrong people with “secrets” and they betrayed me.  THey told my stories to complete strangers with 0ut even asking me if they could. Betrayal isn’t even the word for it.    Then to cover up their butts by saying “well I don’t know if it is really true but this is what I heard.” They tell then they discount it? I was outraged, I felt vicitimized all over again.  But then sitting in court that morning hearing all of this being played out when we were suppose to be talking about custody over our kids, something inside me flipped on.  I decided I would never again let these idiots intimidate me.  If you want to tell something that I trused you with to use againist me you are so low.  I would never have to even tell or speak a word about you for our kids to know how little of a person you are.  For you to make it a point in court, to open up this chapter in my life without one,  not knowing all the details or facts about what you just stated is just stupid.  You will end up looking like an idiot and it will backfire on you.  And two, you are grasping for straws now, you are desperate.  I hope you do find this blog to know I am no longer scared of you or your attorneys.  I am a much bigger person than you because I walk into that court room without and attorney and I don’t hide.  I don’t have to hide behind an attorney, I like to fight my own battles, tends to make me stronger each time.

If it is true that with each challenge you grow and are destined for bigger things, I can’t wait to see where this brings me in my life.  How many adversities have you gone through and made it out on the other side? If you break them down each day they don’t look as hard or challenging.  With patience and knowledge we can get through anything. 🙂

much love


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