Manifesting on a Good Day

I use to wonder how in the world do they do it? I mean manifesting what they want, what they dream about and then going to tell the world they can do it and you can too.  🙂 Have you asked yourself the same question or do you just say “ya right, sure they do.”

After some brief soul-searching and really taking a step back yesterday I too can honestly say those same words of I manifest everything I do and don’t want.  It has really come clear  to me in the past 6 months.  Things I have said even eight years ago are beginning to pop up in my little world now.  And that really opened up my eyes! If you take  a moment and really honestly look at your fears (which I believe are our core desires) whether we want them to be or not that is what we will eventually attract.  Why? Because that is what we feel the most.  Little hints come into our lives that this is the path that is going to be taken unless we start to get a handle on our thoughts and feelings.  I was reminded of this big time the past couple of days.  A deep-seated fear has begun to take shape in my world and now what I realized is I want the complete opposite.

So how do I do it? I begin at my core level.  I begin to change those feelings those fears into what I do want.  I start by changing my thinking and rewording my fears into positive statements.  I say them over and over 7 times until new habits and beliefs come naturally.  (this is usually where our minds fight us and distract us into other things so we don’t begin to change).  Then I begin to visualize what it is I want with good feelings around it.  Usually I say during my visualization “I don’t know how I have whatever it is I want to happen. This leaves the mind to create new possibilities into coming into my world.

If you want your outside circumstances to change you must first change on the inside.  I have heard this over and over and over and usually only half way did it.  But it is soooooo true!!! It has been fun to see in the last six months what all I have accomplished off my wish list.  And I continue to accomplish everyday!

My new book is being released this Monday, October 17th.  The website is  another wish/want of mine that has finally come true too!!

Much love

please leave a comment to let me know if you have noticed what you think about manifests or not.  Or if you have had difficulties in visualizing.


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