The Feeling of Fear

Feel the fear and anxiety and do it anyway!!  Have you ever felt those nervous butterflies in your stomach right before a big date? or job interview? or maybe you have sky dived? or before the birth of your child? Maybe you were about to try something for the first time and you had that feeling in your stomach.

It is that feeling that should tell you to go ahead and do it! If you came that far, showed up, there should be no turning back. Know why? You are boosting your self confidence.  You are pushing yourself outside your self imposed limits and this is what life is all about!! Always willing to stretch and reach outside of your comfort zone!!

What can you do today that will push you outside your comfort zone?  Start asking yourself what can I do that is different that will help me achieve more of my goals in life? Help me along my path to happiness?

I was watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory last night on MTV and reminded me of how I was when I was younger.  During the show he explained to a friend how he has been living day-to-day doing all the business stuff but had gotten away from being spontaneous and feeling that feeling in the pit of his stomach to do different, fun things.  His answer was to be chased down by a tiger.  He has some of the best ideas on that show that makes it fun. 🙂

Point is stretch yourself once in a while (at least once a month) to do new things, jazz your life up a bit and get out and live!!

Please leave a comment and share with us what type of things you do to face your fears. 🙂

Much love


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