Giving Up Feeling Hitting You?

Have you ever woken up feeling upset or what am I going to do?  I know I use to wake up with a that grey cloud above my head that signified worries, sadness, desperation or confusion.  I have been reaching out this past week to many people and I am finding more than ever that life just isn’t going the way they want it to.  Some say I keep thinking positive, I write in my gratitude journal or affirmations just aren’t strong enough.  I to use to get confused with I do all these things but it just isn’t working, why?  I call all of those good practices busy work.  It’s not the actual “Hard” part, it keeps us busy but doesn’t d the action part we need to do.

If we see our car is almost out of gas, the light comes on the dashboard, for some it even tells you how many more miles you have until you will run out, or the dang beep, beeps at you to get your attention, you know regardless you need to go get some more! Now this is the exact same thing that happens in our real lives when we see events or circumstances not to our liking.  We hear (the beep), we see (the caution light) and most of us get stuck in the feeling (which anxiety or uneasiness comes from worry or running out of gas).  Here’s the difference in our lives we analyze what to do without ever going to that gas station to fill up.  we analyze and stay stuck in our patterns that we find excuses of why we can’t go forward.

We have all been stuck in our lives, you are no different from others.  Try new ways, have you ever googled or done an internet search for ways around your problems?  For example, you want more subscribers or more followers.  Search How to——, or go to my friend Katie Friellings blog she has excellent tips, Bloglina is another one I can think of off the top of my head.  How about earning more money, I know the holidays are coming up, how about ways to cut your expenses (couponing is huge right now become an expert for your family!), google ways to earn more money or get your finances in order.  There are so many action steps you can do everyday! Just apply what you learn over and over and step out there to do it.

Another excuse I love to bust through with my clients is in multi-level marketing.  There just aren’t any new customers or economy is bad.  Oh my goodness I just talked to someone who has a booming wine business that is a MLM company and she said “I did everything I could to not get business last night because I am already so busy I showed up for the party two minutes before it started, I served wine out of plastic glasses and I read the presentation off notecards!” “I had 3 new sign ups and 3 new parties booked”.  So I encourage you to make extra calls, book some extra parties because no matter what the profit is in you showing up and doing the work! No matter how small or large the party get out there and do the presentations!!

Much love to you all



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