Day of Good Feelings

“Live today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Just today.  Inhabit your moments.  Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.” ~Jerry Spinelli

One day of good feelings not only changes your day, it changes your tomorrow, and your life! Provided you maintain your good feelings and you go to sleep feeling good, you begin the next day with a momentum of good feelings.  As you continue to feel good as much as you can, your good feelings continue to multiply by the law of attraction, and so it continues day after day, and your life gets better and better.

Focus your thoughts on this good feeling.  Events do happen everyday, sometimes they are pre-planned events scheduled for a certain day you are not looking forward to.  I often catch myself saying “I really don’t want to do this” I noticed recently me saying this and I began feeling worse about the situation.  I changed my thoughts instantly when I became aware of it.  I noticed instead of saying I don’t want to do this I began to think this won’t take that long and I can get through it. I began to feel better and look at it in a different way. I began to see and think, “so what, it’s only a couple of hours out of my day today then I have the rest of my life”.  In the scope of things this is small, it may not be my favorite thing to do but none the less it has presented itself in my life and I better get it done.  Now I could begin with if it is in your life and you don’t want it there then you better start thinking different thoughts to have these things resolved so they don’t keep coming up. 🙂

It is true if you have ever tested this out, to be in company of good thoughts that uplift you, you do have a much better quality of life and your days are enjoyable.  As you keep feeling happy your day will be great!

Think about the last time you were on a good luck roll.  When one good thing after another kept happening.  One reason those times occurred was because you had given out more love and happiness than being negative.  The love and happiness returned to your, adding more good into your life over and over thus re-affirming your strong feelings.  That’s when it gets fun.  But what happens when something knocks me off my good streak? You might be wanting to ask me.  Well, just because a circumstance presented itself to you, which is bound to happen, doesn’t mean it has to bring you down.  Think of it as a gift that you can learn to react in a more positive way towards.

Much love to you all

Have a blessed day!


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