Law of Compound Interest Dreams Coming True

How To Make Dreams Come True – The Law Of Compound Interest

by PHILIP MARTIN from FinerMinds

Ever found yourself wondering, how long will my dream take to come true?

Know this First:

OK so you know exactly what you want from the universe. You’ve read the books and listened to the CD’s and you understand the processes involved. You can see your wonderful new life playing out in brilliant Technicolor in your imagination and you are in touch with how you will feel once you have achieved this amazing vision. Furthermore, you just know that this is how you were destined to spend the days of your life and recognize in your heart that this is the contribution you were born to make to the world.

BUT there’s just one thing nagging at you, just one thing preventing you from surrendering completely to the process – and that is right now you are a million miles away from achieving your dream and this is causing doubt, fear and anxiety. So what you really want to know (to calm your fears) is “how long is it going to take?” How long will it be before the life you are currently living merges with the life you dream of? Well a sunflower seed has an incubation period of about 2 weeks but your dream is non-physical and so you are not sure of the gestation period. Well understand that your intuition can answer this question if asked – so you will need to search inside ………BUT to steady the ship you must also know something first.

Whether your gut feeling tells you that what you want is going to take about 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years achieving your goal will always follow the same natural pattern (it does for everyone). You see goal setting is a mental process but goal achieving is a LAWFUL process and unless you understand this precise mathematical principle you will probably fail or fall by the wayside and give up as so many people do. Unfortunately, large chunks of humanity never realise their dream because they do not understand exactly how the law of attraction is working for them. How it is always working for them.

Eighth Wonder Of The World

So what then is this pattern and how does it work? Well Albert Einstein was once asked what he thought was the greatest of mankind’s discoveries and his answer was remarkably surprising. Out of all the phenomenal inventions and breakthroughs he could have mentioned he simply uttered two words “Compound Interest”. Einstein believed that mans greatest discovery was in fact a universal law. He went so far as to call it the eighth wonder of the world. One of the most intelligent people that ever lived believed that compounding was the greatest discovery of all time – the most powerful force in the universe as he called it. Compounding works by generating earnings from previous earnings, but Einstein was not talking in financial terms when he made this statement.

So why then did he say this and what exactly did he mean? Well we all want things and we want them now! However, manifestation takes time but if you really understand the power of compounding then what you truly desire is just around the corner. Compounding is painfully slow and incremental at first but soon gathers pace and an amazing thing happens if you are patient and stay the course. At a certain point growth becomes substantial and almost instantly goes through the roof, and it’s at this point that your dreams come true.

How to lose your shirt or make your dream come true


So how can we fully understand and apply this incredible principle to our own life in order to get what we really want? Well let us use a simple example to illustrate this point. What if we decided to have a round of golf and we agree to have a little side bet.

How does 25 cents per hole grab you? Sounds reasonable enough doesn’t it, no one’s going to lose their shirt and we can shake hands at the end of the game with one of us having a little more pocket money than the other.

And just to make it interesting why don’t we double the bet for each hole (this will explain the power of compounding). So you’re about to tee-off and you think to yourself OK, first hole 25 cents, second 50 cents, third hole a dollar, can’t cost me that much can it?
Well, I will let you crunch the numbers but as previously mentioned something amazing happens at a certain point because around the 15th hole the bet is up to $4,096, and by the end of the round the winner will pocket a whopping $32,768 just from the initial 25 cent wager.

Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results

This is why Albert was so excited about compounding. He was trying to tell us the universe will grant us whatever it is that we want if we simply stay the course. Compounding is a naturally occurring mathematical principle and so affects everyone. Nothing that is growing or more precisely nothing that is in tune with nature ever proclaims it’s taking too long and cries out ‘this isn’t going to work’ and then decides to give up.


Remember we are creating something from nothing so it is essential we continue to visit that feeling place where what we truly desire lives because every time we do this our dream becomes stronger or compounded.
Trying to hurry things up or force something to happen will not work because it interferes with the natural processes of creation. We have often heard the wise ones say we must align ourselves with the natural forces of the universe. This is what they meant which is why compounding can either work for you or it can work against you.

We must never try and force our dream to materialize. Force never works in fact, force negates. Imagine what would happen if you tried to tug a flower up by the stem in order to help it to grow faster. You would simply uproot it and disconnect it from its source. But this is what happens when those little black clouds form in our head and we doubt, hurry and worry. You cannot change your circumstances overnight but you can change your direction in a heartbeat. Even a slight adjustment to your bearing will (over time) cause you to end up in a completely different place.

Everything Happens For My Own Sake

But to stay the course we have to put ourselves in a state of absolute certainty, we have to arrive in a place of faith, knowing that regardless of appearances and despite our current situation we must believe that our dream is already here, we must contemplate ourselves as being surrounded by the circumstances that we desire. And this is why our imagination plays such a key role in understanding that whilst it appears as if nothing is happening on the surface in fact our dream is gathering power and pace as it is becoming compounded. Each positive thought about our dream lays down a translucent veil of colour. Eventually the colour will become solid.

Understanding compounding brings us into alignment with nature, it makes us realize that we must dance to her tempo and then we begin to let experiences pass through us without letting them get stuck to our ego. We learn to surrender. This is a ‘biggy’ for most people but we must trust that “everything happens for our own sake” and remember that we probably won’t see much tangible evidence of our dream until the “15th fairway.”

So remember:

* Know where you want to be.
* Remind yourself often.
*Don’t be afraid to be yourself, because everything that you seek is seeking you in return.
* Hold your image – Live your dream, and always be aware that compound interest is working for YOU


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