Mental Fitness


1. I Live within the environment created by my choices.

2. I focus on taking care of me, now.  ~Live in the present moment all the time.  What you did yesterday happened yesterday.  Today is now, and you have the choice to make it better.

3. Where I want freedom from the past, I will make new choices.  ~So true!! Fear busting exercises usually help you gain the strength and momentum to do this! And follow through on the choices.

4. I accept my choices as powerful and realize the content of my choices makes me powerful or powerless . ~Always have this option, you made the decision, no use worrying about whether it was right or wrong, just follow through with the choice you made and go for it!!

5. I accept my freedom to make or not make choices.

6. When I make a new choice, it may feel wrong and uncomfortable.

7. I accept the momentary frustrations necessary to care for me.

8. I accept my humanness and “messing up”.

9. I accept and experience my higher power.

10. I belong and I actively commit myself to my family, friends, work, community and country.

11. I have quality and balance in my logical, emotional and self-parenting decision-making.

12. Success is making the choice to actualize my dreams, achieve my goals and take care of myself so I have freedom, happiness, peace of mind and power over my life. ~not just a once a day choice, you have to constantly choose what will make those dreams come true, those goals to be met, all day, everyday until you start to see them coming true.  New habits to form and a new discipline.

13. I do what is necessary to be successful and take care of me.  ~I’m telling ya from experience, eat better, exercise and water! Think about this water does make up the majority of our body.  It cushions our joints and brain, if we don’t drink enough water to flush out the toxins in our body everyday those toxins just sit there. Clouding our mind and thoughts.  Get clear on life and drink some water!! 🙂

14. I claim my successes and experience the benefits of success which are freedom, happiness, peace of mind and power over my life.

15. I accept others’ opinions as separate from me and I will not allow the opinions of others to deprive me from feeling good about my successes.

16. I live in the present: the place of freedom, happiness, peace of mind and power over my life.

Much love to you all


3 thoughts on “Mental Fitness

  1. This was great! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to follow by email also… and I absolutely want to take you up on your offer to be writing accountability partners. I don’t really have anyone that I can share my writing stresses with. My husband doesn’t understand at all! 🙂

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