Faith or Fear?

You ALWAYS have a choice
I heard something rather profound this past weekend I’d like to share with you:

“Faith and fear are closely aligned. They both demand that you believe in something you can’t see. So why not choose faith?”

I love it! This is a woman who made the DECISION to kick fear in the rear and start getting’ cozy, cozy with faith. She knew that the old ways weren’t working anymore. And even though it was nerve wracking to step up to the plate, commit to work with me for six months, get on a kick butt plan to drop fear in its place, she DID IT! And now her life is unfolding in ways that make her happier, more energized and ready to receive her desires.  Even in just a few short days! And yes I am here to Help her plot her course and stick with it.

Where are you letting fear grab you by the throat and wrestle you to the ground?

Is it your personal life?
Is it your job?
Is it with family?

What is it that you want to do, but you’ve simply been too chicken to make a move?

Let me tell you a motto I have lived by since I was little.  Somewhere it was ingrained in me and it has helped me get myself through some pretty rough times.

If it scares me, I’ve gotta’ do it.

Why? Because every time I take action in the direction of something that keeps me contracted, I expand. Something is gained. A new perspective. A new relationship. A new client. A new project. A new memory.

What scares you keeps you hostage.
Remember, a room is only dark until you turn on the light.

What one scary thing will you do this week to free yourself of its shackle? Share it with us below.

For those of you ready to have a massive breakthrough and put fear in it’s place, I’ve opened up a few slots on my schedule to support you. Set up your call with me now.  These sessions are my gift to you because I am fiercely committed to seeing you rock your mojo and knock your life alive!

Take your life in your hands.
Live into your biggest dream NOW.
And know that I am holding the space for you to THRIVE.



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