What’s Your Fear

Fear is a lack of trust in ourselves and because of this we don’t trust life.  We don’t trust we are being taken care of on a higher level, so we feel we must control everything on a physical level.  IF we had more trust in God or the Universe (apply which word makes you feel comfortable) then we would be in touch with our spiritual side and more of our needs would be fulfilled.  When you have trust you break the cycle of fear.  You move in a more relaxed way knowing what it is you want or need is taken care of every time.

To counteract fear we must learn to trust or take that “leap of faith”.  Think about the “power” that supplies us our breath everyday is the same one that created this beautiful earth we live on.  Put more of your trust in this invisible realm than on this physical, material world that changes by your very thoughts.

Fear will limit your mind every time.  Think about this IF everybody feels fear when approaching  something totally new in life-yet so many people are out there doing it despite the fear.  Then we must conclude the fear is not the problem the real issue is not the fear but how we hold onto the fear.

Start to release the fears you have one at a time.  Start doing what you fear the most in your life, release your roadblocks and excel in enjoying yourself.  There is always a way in success.  It can be big or small advances, the point is by embracing your fear nad doing it anyway you will change and you will gain momentum to go forward.  Feed your spiritual muscle and trust in a higher power such as God and know you are not alone in your life.  Trust in the invisible and move forward!

If you need an affirmation write this one down and repeat it over and over until you feel a sense of peace to move forward.  “I am not my fears, it is safe for me to live without guarding and defending myself all the time.  When I feel afraid I open my heart and let the love dissolve fear.” ~Louise Hay

Much love to you all



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