Manifesting Made Simple

Guest post from Ryan Yokome  go check out his blog at

A lot of people talk about manifesting, but have a really hard time nailing down an exact formula they can consistently apply in their lives. I want to give you an outline. A formula that works for me time and time again, and I’ve taught to many of my coaching clients. Typically, people get caught up in the “how.” It’s taken me 6 years of learning and growing myself to be able to share this information so I hope you enjoy it!

When you think about manifesting what you want into your life, what does your Authentic Voice say?

  • It comes and goes but I can’t consistently do it.
  • I struggle with believing it will really happen
  • I always manifest super cool stuff into my life!

Thoughts, feelings, actions, results. Always be curious of what your Authentic Voice says…


STEP 1 – Creating The Space Of Clarity

Five years ago I was at a personal development seminar. The speaker, who’s name is Scott DeMoulin asked the group, who here wants more money in their life? Of course everyone put their hands up. He came off stage and walked up to one woman and handed her a twenty five cent coin. She looked at Scott saying,uuummm thanks?!

He said, there you go you have more money. Are you happier? See you can ask for MORE MONEY, but unless you’re specifically clear, the Universe doesn’t know what to give you. Essentially you send mixed signals, and attract unclear results.

To create clarity, I like to write things downs over the course of several days. Think about it. Then when I’m absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR what I intend on attracting I write it out on my white board that is right beside my office window. Now you’re rockin’! You’re saying YES, this is EXACTLY what I’m attracting!

QUICK TIP! Once you attract that “thing” or “experience” you’ll know because you’ll feel you have already achieved it long ago once you physically achieve it. :)


STEP 2 – Write Down A Date, Speed Up The Process

This is where people mess up. I speak to SO MANY PEOPLE on a daily basis for the 90 Day Health Challenge I promote and my coaching too. There are usually two common questions I ask peeps. What’s the date you’d like to be healthy, or what’s the date you’d like to be free from your JOB.

If they take more than 2 seconds to answer the question I know they don’t have no! Well, um, oh, yeah….let’s see. Yeah, there is no date set. If there’s no date then you’re “just hoping” things are going to change.

The people I speak with that do have a date can rattle it off in a blink of an eye.

What’s the MOST important part? Write it down. A goal without a date that is NOT written down is NOT A GOAL. It’s a dream that someone hopes will manifest into their reality.

QUICK TIP! You can write it down on a white board or better yet create your life with my “OMG, You Mean I Can Have Everything I Want”Workbook.


STEP 3 – The Art Of Visualization

You’ve heard it before right? Visualize and attract everything YOU WANT TODAY! There is a right way to do this, and a wrong way.

The FAST way (or what I consider the right way) is to take your visualizations from your “head to your heart.” A lot of people try and SEE what it looks likes. I say screw that.

I FEEL what it FEELS likes. You can create emotion without seeing something, instead feeling it and pretending.

Now you’re thinking well Ry, you mean I can manifest a Porsche just as quickly as a penny on the ground? No, everything has a time stamp on it based on your level of emotion and…..strategy. But well get into that in just a second.

The reason you want to visualize is for two reasons. Train your brain to focus on what you “DO WANT.” Also, to send a powerful signal to the Universe line me up with this “thing” or “experience.”

Remember, the Universe is the BOMB. It LOVES helping you out IF you know what you want with EMOTION.

Quick Tip! I like to strap on a set of headphones and crank out on of my favourite tunes. Usually for about 2-5 minutes I’ll FEEL how great it feels to experience what I intend on manifesting AS IF it’s already happened. :)


STEP 4 – Forget About It, Take Action

Seriously, forget you even set the intention and did steps 1 -3. You don’t want to “Dig Up Your Seed.” This is where a lot of people fail. They have good intentions but place more focus on wondering if it’s really doing to happen rather than taking action.

Set it and forget it! I think that’s George Foreman’s grill. Talk about a great tagline right? :)

Everytime you take action that lines up with what you intend on manifesting you’re confirming to the Universe THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Without action, no confirmation.

The more momentum you build from taking action the FASTER the universe will give you what you want. People ask me, how did you win a free iPad online? How did you hit the rank of Regional Director with your 90 Day Challenge? How do you always place in the TOP 10 and 20 spots for affiliate contests? How did you become a published co-author?

Simple. I always set the intention and get to work.

QUICK TIP! As I’m taking action with my life and business I have the mindset it’s already achieved. I speak like it’s achieved, I act like it’s achieved and I go to sleep believing it’s achieved. I never think it’s out there STILL having to happen. It’s already happened.


STEP 5 – The Path Of Gratitude

I have a really interesting way to keep myself grounded and connected. I love nature. It’s when I feel the most connected to life. Once I’ve started the process of step 1-4 I take daily walks in nature.

Except I have an intention. I walk what I call, “The Path Of Gratitude.”

I’ll be walking in a trail and choose a spot that is around 500 feet or longer. For that distance I’ll soak up the environment and go through my head everything that I’m grateful for in my life right now.

It’s interesting because you’ll find your mind wonder.

Stick with gratitude. As an example my thought process would be something like, I’m grateful for this fresh air, my health, my dog Hudson, the freedom I have, the continued growth I experience, the wonderful positive people that come into my life, for sharing my message and impacting lives, for having peace of mind, for my mac computer, for my deep connection with my source. ANYTHING.

I cover anything, spiritual, relationships, money, health, physical, non physical. ANYTHING that I feel gratitude for. I’ve personally found almost every time after walking “The Path Of Gratitude” I come out with some amazing idea.

QUICK TIP! You can be grateful for ALREADY achieving your step 1-4 OR, something in your life right now. Whatever raises your vibration and creates a higher level of gratitude in your life WILL speed up your manifesting process


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